“How to tell when a drug addict is lying?” A common question many people closely involved with a drug addict wonder. Drug addiction is a severe condition that causes the abuser to act in ways they may not if drugs were not in the picture. When a person is addicted to drugs, the drug is their one priority in life. They are likely to do almost anything in order to get their hands on the drugs again, which in many cases, includes lying to loved ones. 

    But how can you tell when a drug addict is lying? And why do addicts lie? Here is everything to know about drug addiction, and why addicts lie to loved ones. 

    Quick Tips: How to Tell When a Drug Addict is Lying?

    Although there is no simple answer of how to tell when a drug addict is lying, it is safe to assume that they likely are. Although their behavior might show otherwise, addicts often feel a lot of shame, guilt, and embarrassment towards their addiction which causes them to lie about their drug-using habits. 

    Drug addicts do not like to be confronted about their drug use and will likely avoid the confrontation and the interaction altogether. This avoidance is a sign that they are using and lying about being clean. They might even become defensive and manipulative when accused of using drugs. This behavior is a good indicator that the drug addict is lying.

    If you are feeling suspicious about a drug addict using, trust your gut and pay attention to their behavior. If they act avoidant, sneaky, or their stories are not lining up, it is likely they are lying about their drug addiction. 

    Who’s an Addict?

    It can be hard to identify a drug addict without first having seen signs of drug addiction. A drug addict is someone who has become deeply addicted to drugs, causing the drugs to completely take over their life. Regardless of the type of drug addiction the signs are often similar. The addict might be lying and engaging in risky and dangerous behavior in order to get the drug. They may no longer care about life responsibilities causing them to have issues with their personal and professional life. They may lose their job, lose their housing, have broken or ruined relationships, lose custody of their children, get in legal trouble, etc. These are all common signs of drug addiction.

    The most important thing to remember about drug addicts is that the drugs are causing the person to act in this way. Drugs alter the mind of user, causing them to act, think and live in ways they normally would not. Drug addicts need professional help to treat their addiction.

    Why Do Addicts Lie?

    A basic answer to the question, “why do addicts lie?” is simply due to the shame they feel. Being a drug addict and living with addiction is not a glamorous life. It is in fact, the opposite of glamorous. 

    Drug addicts do not want others to know they are using drugs, hence why they lie. When you are addicted to drugs, you lose the respect and trust of others. Drug addicts lie to keep that respect and trust from their loved ones. They lie in order to continue maintaining their addiction without their loved ones knowing or judging them. They lie to get high and continue with their drug addiction.

    Top Things Addicts Say to Justify a Lie 

    There are several common things drug addicts say to justify a lie, however it can be assumed that they will continue lying in attempt to justify it. Once a drug addict has been accused of lying, they will likely become defensive and unless they are ready to get clean, will almost never own up to their mistake of lying. They might place the blame on the person accusing them of lying and manipulate the situation. They may switch up the story several times, and say that they “do not remember” or that they “never said” the things they are lying about. 

    A drug addict is never going to take the blame each time they are caught for lying. Lying is a way for them to justify their own shame and embarrassment for using drugs and is helping them maintain their addiction and their relationships in life. Or so they think and hope.

    If you are dealing with a lying drug addict, it will help to approach the situation out of kindness and compassion, rather than blame and anger. The negativity of any anger and blame placing will only push the addict to lie more. 

    Why Do Addicts Hurt the Ones They Love

    Drug addiction is a dreadful condition that completely grabs ahold of the user’s life. Drugs can be very powerful on the mind and cause good people to act in destructive and hurtful ways. Someone who was once loving and loyal may become avoidant and cruel once addicted to drugs. Drugs are used to make the user feel better and when this tool has become the only thing allowing the user to feel normal, a drug addict will hurt just about anyone in order to get more drugs. 

    Drug addicts need professional treatment to get back to their normal selves again. In many cases, the user will feel guilt and take accountability for their hurtful action, once they have recovered and living a drug-free life. Drug addicts are just people with a chronic condition causing them to destroy any good in their lives and they deserve proper help.

    Best Rehab in Southern California

    If you or someone you know are battling a drug addiction, then seek help immediately. Southern California has many different treatment centers that can help provide you with the services you need to break free from your addiction. Contact Eagle Recovery Center today at (888)512-1378 to learn more about the best treatment options available to you. Nobody should have to go through addiction recovery alone and Eagle Recovery is here for you. 

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