We always strive for long-term recovery for all of our patients. Life can seem overwhelming with responsibilities and problems when you leave the safety of a drug and alcohol abuse treatment facility. While you can never beat addiction, you can practice maintenance and care to keep dark thoughts at bay and live a happy and full life. Through Eagle Recovery’s aftercare program, you can maintain your sobriety after primary treatment.

    Aftercare Definition

    Aftercare consists of continued meetings, phone calls, and check-ins after you’ve completed your drug and alcohol treatment. Continuing to offer care and monitoring after visiting an inpatient treatment center is an essential component of aftercare programs for long-term recovery since addiction issues do not end even if you complete an inpatient program at a professional rehab.

    There are weekly or monthly meetings where people share their struggles and triumphs, learn more about addiction and continue to grow. It’s recommended that anyone leaving a treatment program, including outpatient, participate in aftercare for at least the first six months of recovery.

    Benefits of Eagle Recovery Aftercare Program


    Willpower alone won't help you stay sober. To maintain your sobriety, finding responsibilities within the recovery community will be vital. You may find it hard to hold yourself accountable, but aftercare provides at least one reason to stay sober and a group to share your struggles with.


    You'll meet with group aftercare to discuss your experiences, both good and bad as a part of your substance abuse care plan. Recovery is much easier when you are doing it with a group that understands your struggles rather than just by yourself. You can develop your social skills, grow spiritually, and avoid drugs and alcohol for life with the fellowship and friendship that come from the group.


    As part of Eagle Recovery's professional rehab program, relapse prevention is also an important part of aftercare. Even if you have taken a relapse prevention course, you may be hit with destructive thoughts, triggers, and impulses when you've recently finished rehab.
    You can also learn relapse prevention tools and techniques from additional aftercare sessions by rehab professionals and discuss any new concerns you encounter. As with post-surgery care, you need to contact the doctor if specific issues arise, and this is the same with aftercare for addiction.



    Recovery is a lifelong struggle. You can't overcome your addiction, but by staying informed and following recovery-based advice, you can easily keep dark thoughts at bay. Once you've been on your own for a few weeks, you can ask a million questions once you're done with treatment.
    Aftercare offers answers to recovery questions and teaches you how to approach new problems and issues. During each session, you may learn about a new coping mechanism, or why you are experiencing certain things, or what to do about unforeseen actions or moods. The aftercare you receive keeps your muscles strong and your mind sharp.



    Abstaining from drugs or alcohol is one thing, but being emotionally sober is another. Meditation, mindfulness, and the practice of being a grateful addict can help you build your emotional sobriety aftercare program.
    To be emotionally sober, you have to be at peace with sobriety and the world around you. Relapse is inevitable unless you actively practice emotional sobriety.



    There is likely a 12-step or recovery group near you, no matter where you live. Many large cities have multiple meetings each day, and even rural towns usually have at least one meeting each day. Meetings can even be attended online.
    The 12-steps and other recovery meetings offer accountability, stability, fellowship, and are invaluable resources for progressing in your sobriety. Look into meetings like SMART Recovery if 12-step meetings aren't your thing. Eagle Recovery recommends our aftercare participants attend 90 meetings in their first 90 days of sobriety as a part of their substance abuse care plan.


    You are responsible for your recovery outside of aftercare meetings. Practicing sober living is easy when you're in aftercare at Eagle Recovery, but what about the other hours of the week? Aftercare programs provides check-ins, accountability, and learning, but it also teaches how to build your recovery resources like 12-step meetings.



    Addiction treatment is a long-term battle, and even a few weeks of treatment aren't enough to keep you sober for life. In addition to continuing education and counseling, aftercare programs can help when something new in recovery arises. Call Eagle Recovery to learn more about our aftercare programs guided by rehab professionals or get enrolled today.

    We Offer the Effective Detox Aftercare Program at Van Nuys, CA

    Aftercare is the most crucial step in recovery from addiction. Detox is the first and foremost step. But success in Detox does not ensure long-term sobriety! Choose a detox center that provides detox aftercare programs too. At Eagle Recovery we believe that detox and residential treatment does not determine our success rate. Our real success is when:

    • You have not given in to your familiar triggers or cravings despite exposure to that environment
    • You have achieved sobriety in a real-time environment 

    This can come with a good aftercare rehab program. Aftercare includes regular follow-up sessions (through telephone, video calls, or offline meetings). Our follow-up sessions can go on for as long as 6 months. Aftercare also includes continued education for relapse prevention. At Eagle Recovery, intermittent meetings, continued care, and assistance are treated with the same priority as our residential program. Connect with us to know more about our detox aftercare program. 

    Detox Aftercare Program at Eagle Recovery Center 

    The Detox Aftercare program at Eagle Recovery is one of the best. You enroll with us for recovery and we will hand-hold you even after you enter into the real world. Our detox aftercare program will prepare you to face your familiar triggers, past cravings, and stressful environments with strong physical and mental willpower. We support you on your path to recovery from detox to aftercare. The aftercare rehab program at Eagle Recovery center includes:

    • Intermittent follow up meetings with the recovery experts (The meetings could be online/offline/telephonic/ video calls based on your convenience)
    • Intermittent relapse prevention continued education to face familiar triggers and deny cravings
    • Regular counseling sessions for mental well-being

    We care for you just as much as a residential inpatient member. At Eagle Recovery, we count on our success rates based on long-term sobriety. This is proven only after your re-entry into the real world. Aftercare is the last but most crucial part of the gradual step-down process followed at Eagle Recovery. Connect with us for more information on Aftercare Rehab Program and we will be glad to help you. 

    We Work With Most Private Insurances

    Eagle Recovery understands that often the need to recover is curbed by the financial burden that recovery can take. But, don’t you worry! We got you covered. You can claim most of your medical expenses for drug abuse through medical insurance. Most good health insurance coverage and claims are provided in this facility. At Eagle Recovery- an addiction recovery center, we work with the best of the insurance providers such as AmeriHealth, Exclusive Care, Magellan Health, WindwardWay, Medi-Cal, United Health Care Insurance, and many others. We have our in-house staff to provide you with further assistance on the same. Please feel free to call us at (888) 512-1378 and get all the information you need about insurance and coverage. 

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