What is Residential Detox?

    It’s time to seek residential rehab help if your life is becoming unmanageable due to drug or alcohol abuse. While there are many types of addiction treatment, Eagle Recovery’s residential detox program is the most comprehensive.  

    Also known as inpatient residential treatment, is a live-in drug treatment facility that provides 24-hour supervised addiction treatment. In contrast to outpatient therapy, you eat, sleep, and learn all under one roof. Among Eagle Recovery’s treatment models, residential inpatient rehab is the most thorough and effective.

    The Benefits of Residential Detox Program



    The most common reason why detoxing at home fails is too much free time. From morning to night, residential rehab offers structured days filled with activities, lessons, and therapy. Keeping your hands and mind busy during your first few days of sobriety leads to a more positive experience and prevents negative thoughts from entering your mind.


    Residential inpatient drug rehab provides round-the-clock support and service no matter what happens. There is always someone available to talk to if you need medical or counseling help after getting sober. Residents benefit from 24-hour staff support throughout their recovery, which treats any mental or medical issue head-on, and allows them to feel secure while staying at their facility.


    When you want to run a marathon, you'll need the best trainer when you want to be a chef full-time, you'll need the best culinary school, and if you want the best chance at long-term recovery, you'll need the best treatment. We at Eagle Recovery pride ourselves on having one of the most thorough residential rehab aimed at laying the strongest foundation for a successful recovery for each patient.

    What Happens in Eagle Recovery Residential Detox Center?



    Before you're ready for education and counseling, your body must be cleansed of any drugs or alcohol. Eagle Recovery health professionals use drug therapy, supplements, vitamins, and other methods to help patients safely detox while maintaining a comfortable level of comfort.



    At Eagle Recovery, counseling is an integral part of treatment. Addiction is a tough nut to crack, but our variety of counseling services provides you with ways to explore your thoughts and actions in a new and positive way.
    By asking questions that have been holding you back, figuring out why certain thoughts pop into your head, and learning techniques to overcome mental barriers, you will be able to overcome your mental blocks. Eagle Recovery’s center for alcohol and drug treatment combines individual and group therapy with certified addiction counselors.



    Our residential detox program places a great deal of emphasis on relapse prevention. In a 24/7 drug and alcohol-free facility, addicts and alcoholics are less likely to use; the real challenge comes once they leave Eagle Recovery. Through our relapse prevention program, you learn how to cope with problems, negative thoughts, triggers, and other issues without turning back to drugs or alcohol.



    Whether you are in addiction treatment or your family is, addiction affects them on a deep level as well. We design our family counseling programs to heal broken families and to repair your relationship with the people who matter most to you. When the whole family is on board and educated with the correct information, the chances of long-term sobriety are much better.


    Therapy at Eagle Recovery goes beyond traditional talk therapy and counseling. Despite the lack of studies on alternative therapies, there is enough anecdotal evidence to support tools like meditation, mindfulness, yoga, music therapy, and art therapy.


    Despite not being part of an inpatient residential treatment, all residential patients should arrange aftercare after they leave Eagle Recovery. Aftercare is a follow-up meeting where you can discuss problems and successes or ask questions about your newfound sobriety. A residential treatment program provides a solid foundation for sobriety for long-term drug rehab, but it's healthiest to build on that foundation.

    Getting Started with Residential Detox

    If you or a loved one is struggling with the mental, emotional, and physical consequences of addiction it’s time for inpatient residential treatment, but how goes getting started work? At Eagle Recovery residential treatment begins with an interview to discuss your history of substance abuse, your expectations, the cost of different programs, and what’s expected of patients. After the interview, a team of doctors and addiction specialists will craft a treatment plan to give you the best foundation for sobriety and a new life of serenity.

    Start Residential Inpatient Treatment Today

    Addiction affects thousands of Americans, but you don’t have to struggle alone. Get the help you or a loved one requires for short or long-term residential inpatient drug rehab by exploring our website today. You can also call Eagle Recovery Center for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment to learn all the benefits of inpatient treatment.

    We Offer the Residential Inpatient Treatment Program at Van Nuys, CA

    Inpatient Residential treatment should be your first choice if:

    • You are constantly exposed to familiar triggers that increase your chances of drug dependence (or)
    • Your dependence level is severe and withdrawal symptoms can be acutely painful

    Residential inpatient treatment includes undergoing drug abuse treatment by residing in a drug-free and medically monitored environment. Eagle recovery offers you the best inpatient residential program in Van Nuys, CA. Our addiction treatment program offers a holistic medical intervention including a relapse-prevention course, wholesome meals at regular intervals, medical interventions (to overcome individual and group counseling sessions, art and fitness therapies, family counseling, yoga, and other activities for enhancing your mental health, and much more. Our aim is your safe, steady and comfortable recovery. Call us at (888) 512-1378 and enroll in our program.

    Residential Inpatient Treatment at Eagle Recovery Center

    Your physical and mental well-being is our aim. Residential Inpatient treatment at Eagle Recovery consistently aims for your long-term sobriety and long-term recovery. If you are a resident at the inpatient residential treatment at Eagle Recovery you are entitled to:

    • Constant monitoring by medical teams
    • Timely medical intervention in cases of relapse or painful withdrawals
    • A drug-free environment with no familiar triggers or distractions
    • Like-minded peers who will motivate you with their challenges and strategies for recovery from abuse
    • Physical and mental wellness activities regularly for a wholesome recovery
    • Wholesome, nutritious, and timely meals to support physical and mental well-being
    • Family counseling sessions that prepare your loved ones to respond well to drug abuse recovery

    Eagle recovery will ensure that your inpatient residential program is worth every penny that you paid for. We offer group counseling sessions wherein inmates share their journey to recovery and provide real-time motivation. We also offer a relapse-prevention course to prepare you for the world outside. We also encourage you to develop a better lifestyle through regular fitness activities, wholesome meals, and art therapies. These activities inculcate a positive habit and a reason for good living even after the residential program. We take pride in announcing that our residential program is the best. Experience smooth, steady, and stable recovery with us! Join our residential treatment program.

    We Work With Most Private Insurances

    Eagle recovery will ensure that your inpatient residential program is worth every penny that you paid for. Eagle Recovery believes in long-term sobriety with a low financial burden. Thus, we want to tell you that drug abuse recovery is also eligible for insurance claims. At Eagle Recovery, you get to choose from a wide variety of insurance providers for negotiating the best coverage and claims. Enroll with us for Inpatient Residential Treatment and avail the best services from AmeriHealth, Exclusive Care, Magellan Health, WindwardWay, Medi-Cal, United Health Care Insurance, and many other insurance providers. Insurance can ease your financial burden. We will assure you of long-term sobriety. Connect with our staff to know more about the type and degree of insurance coverage for your recovery-related needs.

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