Drug Detox

    Our Drug Intervention Programs

    At Eagle Recovery, we provide quality drug intervention programs for treating benzo, cocaine, heroin, opiate, prescription drug ,and any kind of substance abuse

    Benzo Detox


    Benzodiazepines, commonly called benzos, are classified as CNS (central nervous system depressants) and are commonly prescribed to people who struggle with anxiety and panic disorders...

    Cocaine Detox


    Cocaine is easily one of the most powerful and addictive substances in the world. It has remained a serious problem throughout the United States for over 40 years and there are no signs..

    Heroin Detox


    The United States is currently facing the worst drug crisis in our nation’s history. Opiates have become a widespread issue throughout the country and the need for high-quality heroin...

    Opiate Detox


    The United States has some of the highest opiate addiction rates in the world. The number of fatal overdoses throughout the country rose substantially from 2010-2013 and since then over...

    Prescription Detox


    If you or someone you care about has had surgery, struggled with severe anxiety or panic disorders, it’s easy to appreciate how beneficial prescription medications can be. Sadly, some...

    Suboxone Detox


    Suboxone helps those struggling with opiate addiction to overcome withdrawals. When taken properly and under correct medical supervision, this drug can work wonders. But many...

    We Offer Effective Drug Detox Program at Van Nuys, California

    Substance abuse is a growing concern in California, especially among teens and adolescents. If you or your loved one is attempting to detox through a cold turkey fashion, discourage them. The health risks are higher and the chances of recovery are lower. Encourage them to join a good detox center. Eagle Recovery offers an effective drug detox program in Van Nuys, CA. These drug detox centers can help you overcome your dependence on substances through customized medical interventions. Timely assistance and medical supervision can help you ease the pain arising out of withdrawal symptoms through the detox process.  

    At Eagle Recovery, our skilled medical staff will help you recover safely, and comfortably. If the pain is unbearable, our staff will intervene immediately by administering pain-relieving medicines. Connect with us and feel free to ask further questions about drug & alcohol detox. 

    Drug Detox at Eagle Recovery Center

    The drug detox program at Eagle Recovery offers one of the best treatment practices. Our experts understand that drug detox is not an overnight process. Also, you will be provided with a customized treatment based on the severity, and duration of the addiction. If you have a severe dependence on drugs, you may take 2-6 months to detox. If you have a mild or moderate dependence, you may take hardly one week or 15 days to detox. Also, the withdrawal symptoms can vary from person to person. 

    Our experts at Eagle recovery center believe in customized medical interventions and regular assessments. These interventions include cleansing the body of the drugs, individual counseling, group therapies, art and craft activities, and the like. The detox programs, hence, aim at your physical and mental recovery. Your recovery is our utmost priority. We work towards your overall recovery and long-term sobriety.

    We Work With Most Private Insurances

    While you may want to choose to detox at a drug detox center, the treatment fee may be a discouraging factor from enrolling in this program. Let us tell you this! Most good health insurance coverage and claims include reimbursement for drug abuse treatments. At Eagle Recovery, we work with the best of the insurance providers such as AmeriHealth, Exclusive Care, Magellan Health, WindwardWay, Medi-Cal, United Health Care Insurance, and many others! They will provide the maximum coverage and minimum claims. For more information about insurance, you may connect with us on our toll-free number (888 512-1378) or you can even visit our detox center.

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