What is Alcohol Detox?

    Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances in the country. Even advertisements on TV, radio, and billboards cover more about alcoholism. When consumed responsibly and in small quantities, it is relatively harmless, and some medical professionals even say that it has a few health benefits. If alcohol is consumed in excess, then any potential health benefits are thrown out the window. One can become physically and mentally addicted to alcohol the same way that one can become hooked on drugs. Once this occurs, it will be challenging to get sober without the help of alcohol detox in California.  

    Overcoming the withdrawals associated with alcohol abuse is far from easy. Be it short or long-term alcohol rehab program, here at Eagle Recovery, we understand what it takes to overcome the withdrawals and cravings during alcohol detoxification. We have a substance abuse staff and medical professionals who can help those going through this difficult time and guide them on how to safely detox from alcohol. Keeping our clients in a comfortable and safe environment is our top priority.  

    A person who is detoxing from alcohol will experience different withdrawal symptoms and varying levels of severity. Alcohol withdrawal can be classified as mild, moderate, or severe by addiction and medical professionals. A few main factors will determine the intensity of one’s symptoms.

    For how long has that person been drinking alcohol in large quantities?

    • For how long has that person been drinking alcohol in large quantities?
    • What is the typical amount consumed each day/weekly?
    • What is the age of the struggling individual?
    • Mental health history
    • How tall are they, and how much do they weigh?

    They are the primary factors that determine what level of care and how long an individual needs during detox. There is no matter what level of alcoholism an individual faces, they need help from an alcohol detox center. Mild withdrawals are still quite unpleasant, including body odor from alcohol detox. It is not recommended and rarely successful to attempt to overcome them without medical assistance.

    The Different Stages of Alcohol Withdrawal

    Withdrawal symptoms typically appear 12-24 hours after the last drink, but they can occur as soon as 6 hours after the last drink. Whatever the level of withdrawal, the user should seek professional help for alcohol rehab in Los Angeles. 

    The first stage usually takes place during the first few days when someone is abstaining from alcohol. Heavy drinkers may also experience hallucinations during this stage. Symptoms of alcoholic hallucinosis include touch, vision, and sound hallucinations. In addition to increased anxiety and paranoia, heavy drinkers can also experience delusional thinking. You will experience everything you experienced in stage one, plus:

    • Increased heartbeat, which leads to high blood pressure
    • Restless legs
    • Uncontrollable sweating
    • Body odor from alcohol detox
    • Confusion
    • Goosebumps
    • Paranoia
    • Insomnia

    In the second stage of alcohol withdrawal, signs begin to appear a few days after the individual has stopped drinking. Problem drinkers do not always go through stage two withdrawal. Approximately 70% of people who go through stage one will also go through stage two. One of the terrifying things about stage two withdrawals is the possibility of seizure. It is possible for a grand mal seizure to occur, resulting in brain failure and heart failure, both of which are fatal. 

    Around 35% of people who experience stage two will also experience stage three. Alcohol withdrawal is hazardous to go through without the help of professionals regardless of short or long-term alcohol detox program. This stage is characterized by dementia tremens or DTs. Delirium tremens is dangerous and potentially life-threatening. Common symptoms of delirium tremens include:

    • Intense auditory, touch, and visual hallucinations lead to extreme paranoia and a delirious mental state
    • Memory loss
    • Intense confusion
    • Grand-mal seizure
    • Involuntary nervous system instability

    Contact our toll-free number today if you or someone you love is currently struggling with alcohol abuse and would like to learn more about Eagle Recovery’s alcohol rehab center in Los Angeles. You can contact us if you need some advice on how to safely detox from alcohol or want to know more about alcoholism. The calls are always free of charge and completely confidential.

    We Offer Effective Alcohol Detox at Van Nuys, CA

    The alcohol detox programs at our centers are holistic, safe, and comfortable. We offer customized drug detox programs for every individual based on the type and severity of detox. Mild alcohol addiction will require roughly 15 days to detox. Severe alcohol addiction may require 2-6 months to detox. Detoxing helps you cleanse the alcohol remnants in the body. It is safe to detox under skilled medical assistance. We offer an effective alcohol detox program at Van Nuys, CA. Detoxing at a good alcohol detox center reduces the withdrawal symptoms and gives you a higher level of comfort, confidence, and motivation to achieve sobriety.  It also increases your chances of recovery.

    Alcohol Detox at Eagle Recovery Center 

    Enroll with us for the alcohol detox program. You may have thought alcohol detox is impossible. You may have assumed that your addiction is uncontrollable. We will prove you wrong! Experience the detox process at Eagle Recovery Center with the help of skilled medical practitioners, vibrant health counselors, versatile fitness experts, and experienced therapists. Our alcohol detox center chooses holistic medical intervention and helps you cleanse the alcohol from your body safely and comfortably. The detox process will leave you with stable mental and physical health. We assure you that our detox program will motivate you to remain sober forever.

    The alcohol detox process is best done under medical supervision. Abstaining from alcohol can generate withdrawal symptoms which can range from increased heartbeat and restlessness in the case of mild or moderate alcohol addiction. It can also lead to grand-mal seizures along with the other symptoms in the case of severe addiction. To avoid any casualties, it is safer to detox at a good detox center. Eagle Recovery center caters to your detox-related needs and helps you recover safely and comfortably.

    We Work With Most Private Insurances

    The treatment expenses can often be the obstacle that discourages you to detox at a good detox center. But, what if we say, you are completely covered by an insurance company for your treatment? We have tie-ups with a plethora of major insurance providers who can shoulder your treatment expenses and ease your financial woes. Some of them include Magellan Health, ValueOptions, Medical Mutual, ComPsych, MultiPlan, Cigna, and others. Be assured that Eagle Recovery will ease your recovery physically, mentally, and financially top by providing you with the most suitable claims and coverage.

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