It’s easy to see why cocaine is one of the most potent and addictive drugs on the planet. Over 40 years later, it has remained a severe problem in the United States, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. The cocaine abuse rate in California is among the highest in the country. One in five people who have abuse and addiction problems report feeling addicted to cocaine after one use. Coke cleanse in California is not an easy task without the help of specialists. Those who try to detox cocaine fast alone may last a few days or even a few weeks, but many will resort to it again.  

    Cocaine is a fast-acting substance with a very short half-life. Coke has intense effects on the body when used. Eagle Recovery’s goal is to help those with substance abuse and addiction issues overcome their physical and mental problems with the best detox for coke. Cocaine withdrawals are less painful than withdrawals from heroin or Xanax physically, but the mental pain is much more intense. The use of cocaine detoxes has increased success rates among people struggling with substance abuse issues. Help is available, do not try to do this on your own as even the signs of cocaine withdrawal can be intense.

    What Are Cocaine Withdrawals?

    As previously mentioned, cocaine withdrawal begins as soon as the high fades. The crash associated with cocaine is intense and is ruled by powerful cravings for more of the drug, even for those who strongly try quitting cocaine. Within ten minutes of a crash, many users will turn back to the drug, causing them to consume a large quantity of it in a short period. Anxiety, sleep deprivation, and paranoia are all potential effects of cocaine binge use.  

    As long as the user does not use more of the drug during the first stage of the crash, signs of cocaine withdrawal will continue. They may become easily irritable, experience mood swings, become depressed, and feel restless. As their brain attempts to replenish itself with dopamine, they may feel exhausted and fragile. The thought of getting and using more cocaine will dominate their minds.  By entering a cocaine detox program, the individual will be in a safe and supervised environment while overcoming cocaine withdrawal symptoms. Staff at this program will administer medication to help them through this crucial step in the recovery process.

    The Signs of Cocaine Addiction

    If you believe someone you care about is abusing cocaine and could benefit from a coke detox in California, keep an eye out for these signs of abuse. When someone abuses this powerful drug, significant changes will take place in their mental and physical health. A significant change will also happen in their personality and quality of life.  

    Cocaine users experience physical side effects of their use if they consume it or use it under the influence. Some of the symptoms are: 

    • Weight loss, 
    • Lack of appetite,  
    • Blowing of the nose due to a runny nose,  
    • Excessive talkativeness,  
    • Grinding of the teeth,  
    • Changes in sleep patterns, and  
    • Bloody noses  

    Cocaine abuse has several long-term and short-term mental side effects, as well as physical ones. Have you noticed that your loved one is more irritable and prone to mood swings? Does it seem like they are depressed or anxious? People who are addicted to drugs can become highly manipulative. To support their drug habit and keep using, people addicted to drugs become manipulative and lie often.

    Looking for a Professional Cocaine Detox Center in California?

    Don’t hesitate to contact our free toll-free number today if you or someone you care about is struggling with substance abuse issues. Eagle Recovery program offers the best detox for cocaine and we are here to help you through this difficult time. Whether you are just in need of some advice on cocaine cleanse or would like to enter our program, we are here to help. All calls to our staff are confidential and free of charge.

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