In the United States, opiate addiction rates are among the highest. Over 250,000 people have lost their lives due to overdoses involving opiates since 2010, an increase in overdoses that continued into 2013. In 2017, 2,199 people in California and nearly 50,000 people nationwide died from an opiate overdose. This is more than car accidents and gun-related deaths. There is no doubt that we are facing a severe problem and that we need to take action now. Thankfully, California has opiate detox centers to help those struggling with withdrawal symptoms from rapid opiate detox overcome them safely and comfortably. Withdrawals force users to remain trapped in the potentially deadly addiction cycle.  

    As a trustworthy Los Angeles opiate detox center, Eagle Recovery provides medically assisted support for opioid abuse. To enable those battling addiction to overcome the physical aspect without having to bear extreme physical pain. Some people struggle with addiction who attempt to detox themselves at home, but this rarely works. Most people will not last more than 48 hours in an at-home opiate detox before returning to their substance of choice. The reason for this isn’t a lack of willpower. Opiates are physically and psychologically highly addictive. No one should ever have to try detoxing themselves, Eagle Recovery is here to help you with opiate detox and recovery. Our staff of medical professionals is here to ensure your comfort and safety during this difficult time.

    What Are Opiates?

    Opium is the dried latex obtained from the opium poppy, from which the majority of opiates are extracted. Over the past twenty years, heroin, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, and morphine have been the most commonly used opiates. Fentanyl and carfentanil are two synthetic opiates that have become more popular over the past decade. The drugs are highly potent, sometimes up to 10,000 times stronger than pure heroin. Overdose deaths in the United States have been directly linked to carfentanil and fentanyl.  

    Throughout California, prescription painkillers are a significant cause of addiction, not just heroin and synthetic opiates. Some people will take these medications for legitimate reasons, but they have developed a tolerance and are physically dependent on them before they realize it. People are often seeking opiate detox for this very reason. Eagle Recovery isn’t just for those addicted to drugs because they were using them recreationally. The program is designed for individuals who would need help with different stages of opiate withdrawal if they attempt to stop using without proper support.

    opiate withdrawal symptoms

    Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

    Even if a doctor prescribed opiates, someone who uses them daily would become physically dependent. Without proper support, every stage of opiate withdrawal is highly challenging and incredibly uncomfortable. It is never a good idea to do a cold turkey detox (without medication) because the struggling person will experience various painful symptoms.  

    Once physically addicted, it is challenging for the user to go even one day without using. If they do not have it and withdrawals start, everything will be on hold until they get and use more. When withdrawals begin, they are mild, but as time passes, they get more severe.  

    In the initial stages of opiate withdrawal, people experience anxiety, drug craving, racing thoughts, mild sweats, and sneezing. Opiate withdrawal symptoms include: 

    • Frequent sneezing,  
    • Uncontrollable bowel movements,  
    • Dehydration,  
    • Vomiting, and  
    • Watering eyes.

    Get Professional Holistic Opiate Detox Services in California

    A few things can hold a user back; pride and shame are typically the most common. To enter a detox center, one must admit that they are powerless over the drug. They’re likely to have to tell at least one other person about whatever is happening in their lives. Their pride will cause them to delay out of fear that they will be judged. Those struggling dig their holes deeper as a result.  

    A person who enters an opiate detox center will have to put their lives on hold for at least five days. People who are struggling may make excuses why they can’t go to centers in California for rapid opiate detox. They can’t miss that many days of work, they have to support their families or pay their bills.  

    As a result, getting help becomes more difficult for that individual. Now is the right time to stop using it. There is no better time than now to begin your detox. Things will get worse if you delay it. You can start your road to opiate detox and recovery with Eagle Recovery, a reliable Los Angeles opiate detox center. Call our toll-free line at any time to speak with an addiction professional to see if our opiate detox is proper for you.

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