Going through life while experiencing mental health challenges can feel like fighting an invisible battle. Every day, millions of Americans struggle to get out of bed, put on a halfhearted smile, and mask symptoms of anxiety and depression just to make it through the day. When it comes to deciding to do something about your mental health, misconceptions and social stigma often serve as barriers to treatment. In fact, you’ve probably heard some variations of these harmful phrases such as: “Mental illness isn’t treatable because people can’t change” or “People with mental health problems aren’t trying hard enough to be happy.” Unfortunately, when people fall into these myths, they search no further, losing out on the transformative benefits that can result from using mental health services. When we look at the data, the results are alarming: 46% of people have no idea where to go for mental health resources while 52% go without beneficial mental health services despite needing them.3 If are curious about what it would take to rise above your mental health issues, read on to learn about the surprising benefits that mental services can provide to you or a loved one. At Eagle Recovery, we do understand. And we have an experienced, professional, and caring staff that will help you discover what that little problem that’s bothering you is. Discover yourself and discover a fulfilling life. Don’t wait, contact our addiction recovery center based in California.

    What Is the Scientific Definition of Mental Health?

    According to the Centers for Disease control, mental health Is a state of being that encompasses emotional, social, and psychological prosperity.2 Contrary to popular belief, a person with poor mental health may not necessarily have a mental illness. Likewise, a person with a mental illness may find themselves in a state of good mental health if they are receiving proper treatment.2 A person with good mental health demonstrates:
    • Effective coping in stressful or uncertain situations
    • The ability to grow and learn
    • A belief in his or her ability to accomplish goals
    • The ability and desire to contribute constructively to their community
    • The ability to form and maintain healthy relationships
    • The ability to express, feel and regulate both positive and negative emotions

    Common Causes of Poor Mental Health

    There are several factors that may contribute to a poor mental state such as: Common Causes of Poor Mental Health
    • Having one or more underlying mental or neurological conditions
    • Exposure to prolonged or severe stress
    • Losing one’s job or experiencing financial insecurity
    • Experiencing poverty, debt, or homelessness
    • Living in a socially disadvantaged area (which may include bad housing, poor schooling, lack of access to nutritional food, and exposure to violence and crime)
    • Breaking up with a lover or spouse
    • Being a victim of domestic violence (includes both physical and verbal abuse)
    • Being in a dangerous environment (such as a war or a life-threatening situation)
    • Feeling isolated from others
    • Having one or more chronic health problems
    • Past or present experiences of trauma, abuse, and neglect.8
    • Having a substance abuse problem (includes both illicit and prescription drugs)

    Latest Findings Regarding Mental Health

    • Around 52 million American adults (21%) struggle with a mental disorder.6
    • Mental illness is more prevalent among females (25.8%) than males (15.8%)6
    • Children who have parents with mental health issues are more likely to have poor mental health outcomes themselves suggesting a strong connection between parenthood and the mental health of children.1
    • Adults of mixed race are over 13% more likely to struggle with a mental health condition than white adults the next most impacted group.6

    Benefits Mental Health Services Can Provide

    There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to mental health services; the people who struggle with their mental health face a unique set of challenges. In individual psychotherapy, counselors and therapists draw on their expertise to design treatments that combine evidence-based approaches with a personal touch. Here are some benefits of one-on-one counseling.

    Processing and Healing

    Struggling with mental health can throw you into in an endless cycle of powerlessness, worry, and exhaustion. Using various methods such as mindfulness training and behavioral therapies, clients can work through their obstacles and renew their sense of hope and optimism for the future.

    Planning For Success

    Depression, anxiety, and poor mental health can distort our self-perception and diminish our self-esteem, making it difficult to get ahead in the professional world. Career counseling among other things can help patients set goals, explore career options, and improve communication and negotiation abilities while methods like cognitive therapy can help them to improve confidence and reduce stress which can, in turn, improve productivity. In fact, one UK study had found that men who received therapy earned an extra 13% in income while women on average increased their earnings by 8%.5

    Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment

    Oftentimes, mental illness and poor mental health are associated with self-medicating a type of drug abuse behavior that can lead to substance abuse. It is often the case that individuals self-medicate because there is a real need for treatment and medication. In situations where therapy alone is not enough, a psychiatrist can prescribe medications that can help the individual more effectively cope with their disorder.

    Support Programs for Seniors and Veterans

    Are you or a loved one in the armed forces curious about the benefits of mental health services for veterans? More than 1.7 million vets receive mental health services through the VA alone.7 Major hurdles have been made to address the challenges faced by veterans and their families much in part due to organizations like the Veterans Mental Health Training Initiative. The VMHTI, is an organization focused on educating and improving the response of mental health counseling regarding the important and complex issues surrounding veteran mental health. Besides veterans, another population that continues to struggle with receiving adequate care is seniors. According to Dr Daniel Sewell, the Director of Senior Behavioral Health at UC San Diego Medical Center, seniors largely struggle with proper care for mental health and neurological problems because of “stigma, misinformation, and false beliefs about aging.”4 This is especially concerning because seniors must often rely on others for needs such as transportation and access to essential services. To combat this, issue mental health outreach programs for seniors focus on building a solid foundation of care between caregivers, family, and primary care providers so that optimal mental health services can be regularly provided.

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