If you have ever missed a day of your medication or had to stop using Xanax for any reason you may have noticed feeling tired or had nausea the day after. This is what is known as the Xanax Hangover. Xanax is the prescription brand of the drug alprazolam which belongs to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines or benzos for short are used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. By manipulating neurotransmitters in the brain, Xanax slows down or depresses the central nervous system causing users to feel calmer and more relaxed.2 Xanax is usually prescribed in the short term in order to prevent dependency and tolerance. And as such, is not an ideal treatment for people with chronic anxiety.

    Understanding Xanax Hangover

    A Xanax hangover occurs as the effects of taking the drug wear off. Xanax hangovers are a kind of drug withdrawal and should be considered an indicator of Xanax dependence. So, what’s the bigger picture? Withdrawals occur because the body becomes acclimated to having the drug in its system. People who use Xanax regularly, especially those who abuse the drug, may experience these hangovers when they abruptly stop using Xanax. In short, Xanax hangovers generally occur within 8-12 hours after your last dose. After the first day, these symptoms intensify and eventually level out in about 4-5 days.3 How To Get Over Xanax Hangover - Eagle Recovery

    Signs Of a Xanax Hangover

    Research finds that after 6 months of using benzodiazepines like Xanax, around 40% of users will experience withdrawals that are moderate to severe.3 Depending on a variety of factors including how long you were using, how much of the drug was used, and the physical condition you are in, the symptoms of a Xanax hangover will differ. Here are some general symptoms of a Xanax hangover:
    • Headache And Migraines
    • Blurry Vision
    • Fatigue
    • Nausea And Diarrhea
    • Sweating
    • Appetite Loss
    • Muscle Soreness
    • Irregular Heartbeat
    • Increased Blood Pressure
    • Tremors
    • Seizures
    • Numbness Of the Extremities
    • Strong Urges to Continue Using the Drug
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Suicidal Thoughts
    • Confusion
    • Lack Of Concentration

    How Long Do Symptoms Last?

    Because of the differences between Xanax users’ and the methods used to treat them, withdrawal periods may vary significantly. Despite the deviations that may occur, here is a general timeline on how to cure a Xanax hangover. Stage 1: 6-12 hours after last using Xanax, a person begins experiencing light withdrawal symptoms for the first time. These include symptoms like anxiety, headaches, and trouble sleeping. Stage 2: Within the first 1-3 Days, symptoms of the Xanax hangover intensify. It is at this point that severe physical and psychological symptoms occur. Individuals using Benzodiazepines for anxiety and panic disorders often struggle to cope with the physical discomfort of withdrawal symptoms and are at an increased risk of relapse and mental health crisis. It is for this reason that inpatient detox treatment (along with slowly tapering under medical guidance) is strongly recommended. Stage 3: Symptoms begin to decline within 1-2 weeks and can linger on for a while after. Fortunately, symptoms will only settle from here on out, giving way to what are called post-acute withdrawal symptoms or PAWS.

    Latest Study on Xanax Hangovers

    A 2018 study notes that those taking Alprazolam (Xanax) may experience more severe withdrawal symptoms than with other benzodiazepines.1 Xanax also carries a heightened risk of overdose and should be avoided as a treatment for those with a high risk of suicide and those using opioids, alcohol and other sedatives.1

    Quick Ways Naturally Combat a Xanax Hangover?

    So, what helps with a Xanax hangover? Xanax withdrawals can be dangerous and for individuals that are trying to quit Xanax, good inpatient detox and drug rehabilitation are highly recommended. Ultimately, the cure for a Xanax hangover is time, but here are some tips to lessen the effects of Xanax withdrawals while your body detoxifies itself.
    1. Eat Healthy Foods
    In order to rid yourself of a Xanax hangover, the drug must first be broken down by the body. Nutrient and fiber-rich foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and foods high in fat and protein will help speed up the removal of the drug via your GI tract.5
    1. Stay Hydrated
    During Xanax withdrawal, your body works harder to deal with the uncomfortable effects, making you more susceptible to dehydration. By drinking plenty of water you allow the body to focus on regulating core processes that are needed to remove Xanax from your system while decreasing the presence of headaches and fatigue.5
    1. Rest Up
    While under the influence of a Benzo like Xanax you may find it easier to sleep, but CNS depressants have been shown to disrupt the sleep cycle–leading to less restorative sleep.5 By spending extra time in bed, you can also sleep through the more severe symptoms, spending more time awake when the heavier symptoms have subsided.5
    1. Exercise
    Exercising a moderate amount has shown to not only help with certain symptoms of a Xanax hangover like pain, fatigue, and nausea but it can also be an effective stress reducer.4
    1. Relax
    Overcoming stress when you already struggle with anxiety and panic attacks isn’t easy, but it never hurts to practice these techniques proven to combat stress and worry. Here is a simple breathing exercise to try. While loosening up your muscles try inhaling slowly and deeply through your nostrils. Do this repeatedly while focusing on your breaths. Meditation in conjunction with breathing exercises can also be a great way to prevent Xanax hangover anxiety.

    Define A New Path Today with Eagle Recovery

    Addiction doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Here at Eagle Recovery, we serve the greater Los Angeles area by providing next-level drug detox and rehabilitation programs. For more information, call us at 888-512-1378.      


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