Although Kratom is an herbal drug that is legal within the United States, there are still negative outcomes to those who use this drug, for long periods of time. Many people use this drug for the opioid-like feeling of pain relief. Like opioids, it can become addictive and can lead to uncomfortable withdrawal effects. But, how long does kratom stay in your system and how bad is kratom withdrawal? 

    First, let’s look at what kratom is before asking how long does kratom stay in your system? Kratom is a plant native in Southeast Asia, and its leaves contain a mood-altering compound. This drug can be taken in many different forms, like in a pill or liquid extract. Many people who use this drug are unaware of its addictive qualities. If you or someone you know is working towards quitting kratom, contact Eagle Recovery today to start your journey to recovery. 

    Unfortunately, there has not been a lot of research done on kratom use and how long it stays in your system? However, based on the little research we do have, it has been determined that kratom has a half-life of about 24 hours. This means that within the first 24 hours of taking a dosage of kratom, half of the drug will have left your system. It takes another 5 days or so for the rest to leave your system. 

    How long kratom stay in your system depends on a few factors:

    • Kratom dosage used
    • Frequency of use
    • Types of kratom used/ how it is used 
    • Age, weight, and sex of user 

    People use this drug for its mood-altering effects, but how long does kratom last and what does kratom feel like? The effects depend on the amount taken and can range from stimulant-like effects to pain relieving effects. When used in large amounts, kratom produces a feeling of pleasure and sedation. When used in smaller amounts, it can give a feeling of energy or alertness. Although the pain-relieving or high energy might sound like desirable feelings, kratom can have negative health effects such as nausea, itching, constipation and even more serious effects like hallucinations or seizures. In some cases, long term kratom use has been known to cause psychosis. 

    What is Kratom Extract 

    Kratom extract is a concentrated form of kratom powder. The extract starts out as the powder and is boiled creating a tea like substance. The process of making kratom extract makes the dosage far more potent than the regular powder form. This liquid form of kratom extract is typically purchased and used for pain relief or to reduce symptoms of anxiety but should not be overused as it can lead to addiction. 

    Types of Kratom

    kratom types

    There are many different types of kratom based on where it grew and how it was processed. Kratom can be found in three different colors; white, green or red and each have different uses. The white and green type are used for more of a stimulant effect, while the red type is used for the sedative effects. Regardless of the type being used, kratom use can lead to addiction and dependency and frequent use can cause many different health effects. 

    What Does Kratom Feel Like

    The effects of kratom usually occur within 5-15 minutes of using the drug and can last 2-5 hours. Kratom use can give you that euphoric feeling or that “rush” people seek when using opioids or pain relievers. It can help you feel more sociable or energetic when used in smaller amounts. Some other effects of kratom include reduced anxiety or relaxation. 

    It is important to note that the feelings of pain relief are only temporary, and the repercussions of drug abuse can sometimes last a lifetime. 

    Legality of Kratom

    Kratom is currently not considered an illegal drug within the United States, but different states have different laws. There are a few states and several cities that have banned the drug. So, is kratom legal in California? Kratom is in fact legal in California, except for San Diego. However, because it is legal, kratom can be bought online in various forms (pills, capsule, extract) and is not considered a controlled substance in most states. 

    This drug being legal does not mean it should be used and abused. There are still addictive properties and can lead to destructive behavior. Different cultures might argue the use of kratom, but it is important to remember it is a drug and can have negative health consequences if used in large amounts or used frequently. 

    How Bad is Kratom Withdrawal

    kratom withdrawal

    Just like with any opioid, long term kratom use can lead to physical dependency and with dependency comes withdrawal. But how bad is kratom withdrawal? Symptoms can include: 

    • Insomnia 
    • Muscle and body aches
    • Mood swings 
    • Irritability 
    • Aggression 
    • Body spasms or jerky movements 

    Withdrawal effects typically start within 6-12 hours after the last kratom dosage used and can last up to 10 days. Quitting any drug comes with many different challenges but quitting kratom can be difficult on your own. Eagle Recovery will provide you the support needed to overcome the addiction and find healthy coping skills when drug cravings arise. 

    What Can Help You When Quitting Kratom

    When quitting kratom, a drug rehab facility or addiction center are always a good option. These programs focus on treating the addiction and will help provide you the skills needed to live a life without drugs. Other options for help when quitting kratom include behavioral therapy which can help you talk more about the root of the pain you are trying to eliminate, teach you to use healthy coping skills and be able to recognize possible triggers. 

    The first step in treating your addiction is acknowledging that the addiction exists. Talk to someone you trust or Contact Eagle Recovery (888-512-1378) to learn more about your options for recovery. There is help available to you and you can break free from this addiction. 


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