When you think of the drug world, you probably think of heroin as the worst and the scariest. Whether it is being smoked, snorted, or injected heroin can have lasting effects and lead to a life-threatening addiction. Once heroin addiction infests you, only a Best Drug Rehab Center is the only remedy. The drug could be detectable in the system anywhere between 2 and 7 days in individuals depending on the drug test used. How Long Heroin Lasts also depends on a few biological factors.   Heroin is a fast acting drug and has a half-life of 30 minutes. In other words, half of the heroin that has entered the body has already been put into effect and left the body within the first 30 minutes. So, if half of the drug has already been in and out within 30 minutes, why do addicts crave such a fast-acting feeling?    The feelings of heroin use have been described as euphoric and almost an instant pain relief both physically and emotionally. If you have ever seen a heroin user than most likely, you have seen the zombie-like state of sleepiness they might have felt after taking a hit.    But just like with any drug, heroin can have life-altering and body damaging effects on a person. Although the high feeling after using heroin can be felt within the first 30 minutes, the drug can be found in the body for up to several months after the last day of use.   Some commonly related questions are: 
    • What are the signs of heroin use? 
    • How long heroin lasts in the body? 
    • What does heroin smell like? 
    • What are its other names? 
    We all know heroin is a deadly drug and causes many overdoses a year, but we will dive into some of the deeper information on heroin toxicity and heroin mortality rate.   

    Understanding Heroin  

    Heroin is an opioid, made out of morphine which comes from the resin within an opium poppy plant. It is most commonly known as being in the “black tar” form, which is a sticky dark substance, but heroin can also be in a brown or white powder.   A lot of people become Addicted to Heroin after being prescribed or misusing prescribed opioids like OxyContin. Heroin is cheaper and easier to come by than prescribed medications and therefore, once the medication refill runs out, people often then seek out the street drug and begin their addiction to heroin.   Heroin is typically described as smelling like vinegar, but it varies in its form. It can be both smoked, snorted, or injected but is most commonly mixed with water and injected. Some of heroin’s street names include dope, smack, H, china white, snow, etc. No matter how you choose to use heroin, or what you might call it, the drug can lead to devastating consequences, and overdose. 

    Different Signs of Heroin Use 

    sings of heroine abuse While heroin is an incredibly addictive and dangerous drug, many people hide their addiction and live what may seem to be “normal” lives. Some signs of heroin use include:  
    • Track marks on arms  
    • Changes in physical appearance  
    • Sudden or rapid weight loss 
    • Secretive or concerning behavior  
    • Bloodshot eyes 
    • Nodding off or drowsiness  
    • Financial problems  
    • Lack of motivation or productivity  
    Heroin is often used with other drugs such as alcohol or cocaine and can put you at a high risk for overdose and death. Being able to identify the different signs of heroin use can help prevent a possible overdose and potentially save a person’s life.  

    Heroin Mortality Rate  

    Unless a person seeks out the help they need, heroin and death usually and unfortunately, go hand in hand. Heroin use quickly turns into a deadly addiction. To look at the grand scheme of things, the CDC determined there to be over 130,000 deaths from heroin related overdoses within the United States from the years 1999-2019. That is not even counting deaths from other opioid drugs. Treatment centers like Eagle Recovery Center can help prevent possible deaths due to overdose by helping treat the addiction.    

    How Long Does Heroin Withdrawal Last  

    Heroin addiction leads to physical dependence. This means a person’s body thinks it needs the heroin to survive and will go into withdrawal without the drug. Withdrawal from heroin can happen as quick as within 2 hours after the last use. Withdrawal symptoms are incredibly painful and can last about 1 to 2 weeks after the last day of use.  

    Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms  

    withdrawal symptoms of heroin Heroin withdrawal symptoms can look different for each user, depending on the severity of their addiction, meaning how much and how long they have been using the drug or their level of dependence. The withdrawal symptoms are no joke though. They can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable and without proper medical attention can lead a person right back into addiction just to avoid the symptoms.   Symptoms of heroin withdrawal can include:  
    • Nausea 
    • Stomach pain/ abdominal cramps 
    • Sweats/chills  
    • Muscle and bone aches 
    • Restlessness  
    • Tremors 
    • Increased anxiety  
    • Depression 
    • Insomnia 
    • Rapid heart rate 
    • Drug cravings  
    The symptoms of heroin withdrawal are not life-threatening alone, but with different medical or psychological issues, the withdrawal symptoms can lead to life-threatening situations such as suicide. Medical attention is always advised when seeking help with a heroin addiction. 

    How Does Heroin Affect Your System 

    Heroin can have negative effects on all parts of the body, but most importantly, the brain. Long term heroin use can cause an imbalance of the hormonal system which is not easily reversed. These effects on the brain make it more difficult to make decisions, regulate normal behavior, or handle stressful situations. Heroin use can also cause liver and kidney damage as well as different lung infections like pneumonia or tuberculosis. The euphoric high you may feel after a hit of heroin is not worth the damaging consequences this drug has to offer.   

    Deciding Factors That Decide How Long Heroin Stays in the System 

    There are several different deciding factors for how long heroin might stay in your system. Heroin is a street drug, and therefore, might also be mixed with other drugs or chemicals, so the quality of the drug itself can determine how long it stays in your system. How much a person has used can also be a deciding factor. A person’s height, weight and age might also determine how long the heroin might stay in their body. Without a proper drug test, or simply staying away from the drug in the first place, there are no clear answers for how long it might stay within your system. 

    Symptoms of Overuse 

    Although heroin is an opioid and opioids are used as a pain killer medication, there is no science behind any benefits of using heroin. Heroin is a street drug, and this addiction typically starts after being prescribed medical opioids. No amount of heroin will play a positive role in your life, but too much of it can lead to overdose and death. Signs of heroin overdose include: 
    • Reduced or stopped breathing 
    • Pale skin 
    • Blue fingertips and lips 
    • Pinpoint pupils 
    • Constipation 
    • Extreme drowsiness 
    • Seizures 
    • Coma 
    If you or a loved one are experiencing any of the symptoms of heroin or drug overdose, seek medical attention immediately  

    Treatment Options for Heroin Misuse  

    Treating and recovering a heroin addiction takes support and sometimes medical attention. Drug treatment centers and rehab facilities can help you end your addiction. Eagle Recovery Center (888-512-1378) is a treatment and detox center here to help you heal from your addiction and become your best, healthy self. No one deserves to let heroin ruin their life. Seek help before it is too late. Contact Eagle Recovery Center today to start your journey to recovery.  


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