Addiction has many negative impacts. One of them is a person’s mentality on the verge of suicide. Many researchers have shown the special relativity between substance addiction and suicide. Many significant factors might include the reason behind the situation where someone will be willing to risk their life. For example, these factors could be socioeconomic problems, problems related to work, co-dependency on drugs and substances to numb the pain, or mental illness. These develop with time, and it emphasizes the person’s mental health. You might see in the behavior of the person going through a tough time from a drug addiction that they need help. Thus, an alcohol rehab program can significantly help those people in times like this.

    10 Reasons Why One Would Risk Their Life

    This list has mentioned the causes of suicide and what factors one decides while losing themselves. One of the most common causes of suicide is untreated depression, and however, there are many other factors as well. 10 Common Reasons People Commit Suicide
      • Mental illness: This is one of the most common reasons for suicide in today’s generation. It had created a significant effect on the person’s behavior as well. 10 Common Reasons People Commit Suicide Over 90% from depression, and 20% to 40% of people witnessed to be on the verge of committing suicide.
      • Trauma experience: Traumatic experience can also become the reason for suicide. As it evokes many emotions like the feeling of sorrow, guilt, and helplessness, ultimately, it creates severe effects on people. It gradually becomes the reason for suicide.
      • Addiction to drugs: When someone has been increasing their amount of drug or substance abuse, they are most likely to numb the pain, leading them to suicide. Thus, many drug addiction treatment in California deals with drug detoxification and therapy to help provide the aid.
      • Eating disorder: Dysfunctional eating pattern has been a topic worldwide where a person only intakes for other ways and not to provide nutrients to the body. It becomes a habit of body image and leads to suicide.
      • Bullying: Bullying won’t affect the bully, but the bullied person will pay the cost. If forced more frequently, the person bullied might think of suicide.
      • Unemployment: People often fall for the hopelessness in their life that becomes the cause of suicide.
      • Isolation: Often, when someone finds themself alone, excluded from the social gathering, they are self-isolated, and there comes a time when they don’t wish to continue causing suicide attempts.
      • Financial problems: People who have multiple debts but no ways for financial help think differently from others and fall for alcoholism, which ultimately leads them to suicide. However, a recovery center in southern California works to assist those who desperately need it.
      • Existential crisis: Also known as philosophical desire, where the individual doesn’t understand the term of living and prefers to let go of living.
    All these reasons become the ultimate factor for a person’s mental health much worse.

    Suicidal Signs and Avoidance

    When you see someone breaking down little by little, they might be going through their worse phase. Some of the sirens and preventions are:
      • The slow change in their sleeping schedule and eating habits might look unusual, and you see the difference.
      • Talking about being empty is one of the most general topics for them as they might be thinking about it for a reasonable amount of time.
      • The individual might be in high agitation and fueled with anxiety.
      • Often these individual evokes extreme mood swings, and they would be happy for a bit and then gloom again.
      • If the person is financially well but still thinking about suicide will consider writing wills and giving away their items.
      • Wanting to die is one of those words which will barely leave their mouth.
      • Excessive drug abuse and alcohol use are also considered warning signs before suicide.
    One should look after the individual and suggest seeking help, as many helplines are open for 24 hours to assist.

    Final words

    At Eagle Recovery Center, we know the value of life and how addiction to drugs and substances can make mental health worse and erupt many reasons for the individual to consider suicide. Thus, we create a remarkable alcohol rehab program where we understand the individual’s problem and provide the treatment and medical help they are required.